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CXM Trading - Deposit & Withdrawals

Deposit & Withdrawals

At CXM Trading we call ourselves a boutique FX shop for a reason. We take the support of our customers very seriously and by doing so have earned the trust of hundreds of white labels and thousands of IBs.

Stay in Control of Your Funds

Being able to quickly replenish your account using multiple deposit options can be critical during the fast market moves. At CXM we believe that it is crucial you can manage your funds effectively with minimal transaction costs.

Deposit / Withdrawal Methods

Additionally, we provide Instant Internal Transfer options to clients who hold multiple accounts. It can be done with just a few clicks from inside the Client Portal. Please note, this function only works during market open hours, so always refer to your Client Portal for more details.

Some options are only available to residents of certain countries. For added security, we are constantly adding new deposit channels as well as doing maintenance checks on the existing ones. Please refer to your Client Portal for up to date information on each channel and operating hours as they may change. Also note that, when you request a withdrawal from your Client Portal, the withdrawal will be in the base currency of your trading account.

Bank WireCurrenciesProcessing TimeCommissionMinimum amount
DepositUSD, EUR, GBP2-5 Business DaysNoneContact Account Executive for details
出金USD, EUR, GBP2-5 工作日详情可咨询专属客户经理
CrytosCurrenciesProcessing TimeCommissionMinimum amount
DepositBTC, ETH , BCH1 Working Day1%500 USD equivalent
WithdrawalBTC, ETH , BCH1 Working Day1%100 USD equivalent
Stable CryptosCurrenciesProcessing TimeCommissionMinimum amount
DepositUSDT (Tether)InstantNone500 USD equivalent
出金USDT (Tether)实时None100 USD
Union PayCurrenciesProcessing TimeCommissionMinimum amount
DepositRMBInstantNone500 USD equivalent
WithdrawalRMBInstant and 1-3 Business DaysNone100 USD equivalent

*There is a $25 fee for withdrawals if you do more than 4 withdrawals per calendar month.
**Processing times can vary by channel and are often updated, please refer to Client Portal for up to date information or contact your Account Executive or one of our helpful Customer Service reps.

IMPORTANT: CXM Trading does NOT accept any funds from 3rd parties. It’s also important to note that, should we become aware that you’re purposely abusing our payment methods, we reserve the right to close your account and also charge you all applicable transfer and refund fees incurred on our side.

Spreads from 0.0 pips & fast execution

Being experts in serving institutional and professional clients, CXM boasts bespoke liquidity pool with best in class connectivity across all asset classes.
18.48530 / 18.49550
7.80988 / 7.81049
7.26968 / 7.26986
1.37408 / 1.37413
1.71576 / 1.71588
2.06930 / 2.06954
19.64099 / 19.65352
1.06997 / 1.06999
35.00411 / 35.16400
11.25769 / 11.25985
1.51920 / 1.51938
4.59228 / 4.59482
11.99569 / 12.00245
0.66034 / 0.66038
1.07774 / 1.07802
103.998 / 104.008
0.58817 / 0.58827
0.90730 / 0.90742